Ask a student

Eleven-year-old Stephanie Georgopoulos on her experience at Courcelette Public School

Q: You’ve been at Courcelette for three years. How do you like it?

It’s a good school. There are a lot of nice people there.

Q: What types of activities and subjects do you look forward to at Courcelette?

I like music class, especially ukulele.

Q: You’re playing piano in the school talent show this week. What song will you do?

The Star Wars theme. I’m playing it with my friend.

Q: What other kinds of things do you like to do with your friends from school?

There are a lot of programs. We have soccer. We have volleyball, slow-pitch and chess club. And I do yearbook on Wednesdays at lunch.

Q: Before this, you were in a French immersion program. Was it hard to get used to an English program?

Not really, because we still have French class.

Q: Aside from your music teacher, how’s the faculty?

I like the teachers better at Courcelette than at my last school.

Q: Your school goes up to grade 8. Do you like having the older kids around?

Yes, they help out with clubs. Like, for the talent show this Friday they’re going to be putting everything together.

Q: Are you looking forward to staying there until Grade 8?

Yes, I really want to stay at this school. I like this school.