About SchoolQ

Helping you find the right school in a neighbourhood you love

SchoolQ takes the guesswork out of finding a home that fits your family’s needs. Our team of curation experts has pulled together all of the school information you’ll need to make an informed decision—including specifics on school catchments, testing scores, and honest information about a school’s community, strengths and highlights. Our School Profile pages are created for every school in your neighbourhood.

Attention Teachers and Principals: Take the SchoolQ Challenge.

At SchoolQ, we’ve built an algorithm that generates comprehensive reports for over 2,600 neighbourhoods in 130 cities across Canada, and reports for every school in those neighbourhoods. We have reports for 16.4 million Canadians. Interactive maps direct families to private, public, alternative, and Catholic schools, along with detailed information about each facility, such as grade level, languages, athletics, meal programs, parent involvement and extracurricular activities. That means you can find what you’re looking for in seconds, rather than hours, and all in one place.

Find a neighbourhood (and home) you love

Choosing the right school for your children goes hand-in-hand with choosing the right neighbourhood. If you’ve found the right school, you’ll want to make sure the neighbourhood is a good fit for your family. And vice versa. We’ve provided you with free reports for any address in the neighbourhood, showing homes that are nearest the best schools, parks and recreational facilities, transit, hospitals and more.

If you might be interested in moving to a new neighbourhood, you can also request a free Real Estate Neighbourhood Report or contact one of our Neighbourhood Experts. Our service directs users to real-estate listings within any school’s catchment area.

We’re happy you’ve found us. Now, let us help you find a school and a neighbourhood you love.

About our team and our data

We’re a team of research, technology, business and design professionals working to help homebuyers find a neighbourhood and school district they love, and help real estate agents build stronger, deeper relationships with their clients.

Several years ago, we began building our massive database of hyper-local neighbourhood reports, featuring intelligence on the schools, parks, transit stops, and other vital places closest to a specific home. We developed the most comprehensive and richly detailed neighbourhood data in Canada—painstakingly validated, expanded and packaged by expert Canadian curators who know what’s important to homebuyers.

We quickly found that school information was the number one concern for homebuyers and real estate agents. After listening to frustrated parents tell us about the many hours they’ve spent searching for school information without feeling like they’ve found clear answers, we decided to create a one-stop source for schools.

Building off our existing database, SchoolQ curators hand-draw school catchments, add detailed information about schools, and fix the many errors and inconsistencies found in other databases.

Our curation team is our biggest differentiator, and our hand-curated data is all about depth and relevance. No more searching across many sources and finding only inconsistent, low-quality data—we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you.

Our National School Report

As the largest provider of curated school and curated neighbourhood, we’ve also embarked on a first-of-its-kind project tin Canada. We’re about to release our first annual National School Report, a comprehensive cache of information relevant to parents and homeowners covering every school in Canada.

Attention REALTORS® 

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