Ask a student

Fourteen-year-old Leo Winiker details his middle-school experience at Humber Valley

Q: What do you particularly like about the school?

I like math and art, and I like the socializing part of it. I like seeing my friends there. And I like the free work periods where you don’t have to be as focused.

Q: What can you tell me about the math and art instruction at Humber Valley?

They teach us shortcuts to make math easier. And a lot of my friends are smart, because they do math outside of school, so they help me if I don’t understand. I don’t find math that hard. Our art teacher focuses on a particular assignment and teaches us how to do it: Sometimes it’s a drawing, like a plant with the shading or different colours, and other times it’s a perspective drawing. Recently we had to bring in a piece of clothing and design something to paint on it.

Q: Do you do anything extracurricular at school, or belong to any?

I’m involved: I played on the hockey, basketball and soccer teams.

Q: How are your teachers?

Usually they’re pretty good. They give you a lot of time to do the work. And a lot of them are friendly. You can relate to them.

Q: Is it nice to attend a school with a pretty small student population?

I think so, because then the teachers can be more one-to-one with you and help you if you have trouble with a question or something.

Q: You’re going to high school next year. How do you feel about that?

I’m looking forward to it, but I think the class sizes are going to get a lot bigger, so that’s going to be harder. But I feel well-prepared to go.

Q: On the whole, would you recommend Humber Valley to another person?

Yes I would.