Ask a student

Thirteen-year-old Maran Gray (above, right, with her sister Niamh) talks about life at St. Anselm Catholic School

Q: Do you like going to school?

For the most part. I like being good at things, and I’m good at school.

Q: What would you say your favourite part of the day is?

I really like math. It depends what type of math, though. We’re finishing up a unit about drawing isometric shapes, which I didn’t particularly enjoy. But formulas for area and volume, decimals, dividing—those I like because they just makes sense.

Q: You’re on the school’s W5H team (a general knowledge competition for Gr. 7 and 8). What’s that like?

I tried out because I’m not involved in a lot of things, and the school doesn’t have a wide variety of sports. I play baseball outside of school—if they did have a full-on baseball team I would definitely join. The W5H was just something to try.

Q: Is it fun?

It is. Practicing isn’t my favourite, because it takes up my recesses. But the competition is really fun. We lost a couple rounds, so we knew we weren’t going to make it to the next stage, but we knew that we should do our best. It was actually really enjoyable.

Q: Are you okay with wearing the school uniform?

I like the uniform because it’s easy for me. I’m not fully engaged in social media, so it doesn’t really matter. I don’t follow the latest fashion trends.

Q: Are you looking forward to high school?

I’m so excited for high school. I want to go to Leaside High for a couple of reasons. I’m a Leasider, so I don’t want to leave the community. All my friends are going to be there, and I can make new friends. And my dad went there, so I like that. I like carrying on the legacy.